Greek Festival

The Unley Greek Celebration

20/01/2019 @ 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Greek Festival at The Unley

Join us for a Greek festival where we celebrate Greek culture and cuisine at this iconic Adelaide pub. Enjoy Greek inspired food throughout the afternoon. Including Mezze Plates and Greek inspired lunch specials. The full menu designed by our Head Chef will also be available, as well as all day dining options and the Sunday schnitty sesh deals with Greek style toppings.

Furthermore, the rooftop bar is the perfect spot to sip on a $10 gin fizz cocktail or $10 espresso martini. Additionally, $20 cocktail jugs are the ultimate choice for sharing. Lastly, DJ Valandi will be providing the entertainment from 2-6pm with modern Greek music.

Join us for a Greek festival at The Unley. Book now via the booking form below, or instead call 08 8271 5544.

Greek Festival at The Unley

  • DJ Valandi playing modern Greek music 2-6pm
  • Mezze Plates available 12pm-6pm
  • Full menu available 12pm-3pm & 5.30pm-9pm
  • Sunday schnitty sesh deal – Greek inspired topping
  • $10 gin fizz cocktails available 12pm-6pm
  • $10 espresso martinis available 12pm-6pm
  • $20 cocktail jugs available 12pm-6pm
  • Ouzo specials available 12pm-6pm
  • Happy hour 2-6pm – $7.0 pints and $1 off glasses of wine*

The Unley Full Menu

  • Share plates
  • 1 Plate $14 | 2 Plates $25 | 3 Plates $34
    with dip & pita
  • grilled halloumi | V | GF

    red chimichurri & corn salsa

  • pan fried korean tofu | VG | GF

    peanuts, garlic, soy & sesame dressing

  • salt & chilli calamari

    chipotle mayo

  • pork & veal meatballs | GFO

    melted provolone cheese & sourdough

  • steamed bao bun

    chashu pork

  • pumpkin, thyme & fontina arancini | V

    kewpie mayonnaise

  • Salads
  • 20.0
    vietnamese squid salad | GF

    salt & chilli calamari, napa cabbage, bean sprouts, carrot, mint, rau ram, lime & coriander dressing

    Add chips + $4

  • 24.0
    moroccan chicken salad | GFO | VGO

    minted saffron couscous, fried cauliflower, pomegranate, herbs, ginger, apple & harissa yoghurt

  • 25.0
    chashu pork salad | GF | VGO

    fried vermicelli noodles, Asian herbs, chilli, edamame, spring onion & miso sesame dressing

  • Vegan? Swap out meat with tofu – speak to staff
  • Unley Classics
  • 22.0
    chicken schnitzel

    panko crumbed breast schnitzel, chips & garden salad

  • 26.0
    chicken parmigiana

    panko crumbed breast schnitzel, parmigiana topping (wood smoked ham, sugo, mozzarella), chips & garden salad

  • 22.0
    chicken burger

    marinated chicken tenderloins, avocado crema, burger cheese, sliced tomato, lettuce & chips

  • 22.0
    the unley burger

    house made beef burger, burger cheese, pickles, bacon, tomato, lettuce, beetroot relish, mayonnaise & chips

    Want a vego burger option? Switch meat for halloumi

  • 24.0
    unley fish & chips

    craft beer battered fish, chips, lemon, garden salad & tartare sauce

  • 18.0
    vegetarian pizza | V | GF BASE + $4

    sugo, mozzarella cheese, roast capsicum, artichoke, semi dried tomatoes, pine nut & rocket pesto

  • 18.0
    meatball pizza | V | GF BASE + $4

    sugo, mozzarella cheese, meatballs, bacon & bbq sauce

  • Chef’s Selections
  • 34.0
    premium wagyu rump score + 6 | GFO

    served with your choice of:
    garden salad, chips & choice of sauce
    or seasonal greens, kipfler potatoes & choice of sauce

  • 29.5
    200g sirloin steak | GFO

    served with your choice of:
    garden salad, chips & choice of sauce
    or seasonal greens, kipfler potatoes & choice of sauce

  • 25.0
    crispy skin chicken breast | GF

    kipfler potatoes, crispy prosciutto, sautéed green beans & honey mustard dressing

  • 32.0
    pork belly | GF

    served with your choice of:
    garden salad, chips & choice of sauce
    or seasonal greens, kipfler potatoes & choice of sauce

  • 24.0
    pan fried gnocchi | GFO | VO

    prosciutto, semi dried tomatoes, spinach, ricotta & basil

  • 32.0
    crispy skin atlantic salmon | GF

    almond cream purée, warm kipfler potato, baby spinach, orange & chives salad & poached egg

  • 18.0
    mediterranean pasta  | V

    fettucine, sugo, roast capsicum, olives, semi dried tomatoes, pine nut & rocket pesto & grana padano

  • Essentials
  • 9.0
    garlic mustard cheese bread | V
  • 9.0
    crunchy fries | V

    with mayonnaise

  • 12.0
    duo of dips | V

    with pita bread

  • Sides
  • 9.0
    kipfler potato, baby spinach, seeded mustard mayonnaise | V
  • 9.0
    garden veg | V | GF

    with saffron butter

  • 9.0
    garden salad | GF | V

    with honey mustard dressing

  • Sauces
  • 2.0
    aioli, sweet chilli
  • 3.0
    gravy, creamy mushroom, green peppercorn

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The History of Greek Festivals

Festivals in ancient Greece and Rome were important periods of time during which people performed “activities that are most often thought of as communications with the superhuman world.” Marked by a variety of unique cultural rituals and traditions, festival days stood in stark contrast to ordinary life in ancient Greece and Rome. Processions, sacrifices, athletic events, and musical performances were just the start of some of the interesting highlights. The ways in which the ancient people chose to express themselves on these special calendar days is fascinating. In examining both its contrasts and similarities to today, studying ancient culture can be seen as the study of our own humanity. – read more on the history of Greek festivals.

Greek Culture & Cuisine

In general, the Greeks are particularly proud of their culture and speak of their country with an intense passion, feeling that the culture in Greece is a definition of their national and ethnic belonging. Traditions, religion, music, language, food and wines are the major composites of the culture in Greece and constitute the base for those who wish to visit and understand today’s country.

Greek food and wine is an important aspect of the culture of Greece. The Greek food and wines are famous for their good quality and amazing taste. Some dishes are common all around the country, whereas some others are local culinary specialities and can be found only in a specific region or Greek island. – read more on Greek culture and cuisine.

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